Show Review & Photographs – Torche in Corpus Christi, TX

Words and images by Rene Botello

Rock band TORCHE brought their heavy and rifftastic music to House of Rock this November. I had not seen Torche live, so this was a treat. Also on the tour was Eye Flys, a young band that has an atmospheric punch.

For those that didn’t make the show, they truly missed out on the sheer volume Torche can put out.  Their sound could be heard outside the venue down the block. Since 2004 they have put in the time, dedication and gained a loyal fan base.  This past July also saw the release of their latest album Admission.      

Playing a mixture of old and new songs, Torche wasted no time in creating a texture of riffs and emotions for days and giving fans exactly what they needed on a Friday night. Each note could be felt in every fiber, making heads bang in happiness and elation. This being my first Torche experience, I can now finally understand why fans love them.  The emotions oozing out of the speakers seemed to put everyone in a trance with faces of reflection and wonderment. As the night wore on, the emotional bubble burst and and euphoria was all that was left once the guitar feedback faded into the night.      

So if by chance Torche hits your town or anywhere near, make sure to get to the show, you won’t be disappointed. 



Steve Brooks – Guitar/Vocals

Jonathan Nuñez – Guitar

Eric Hernandez – Bass

Rock Smith – Drums







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