Seriously has to be one of our favorites this year from Fire Follows is “Father O’ Father” the piano is astoundingly haunting and the message vocally is clear. A breath of fresh air continually is what Fire Follows brings to their listeners. The trifecta team of Chris Watt (vox/piano), Tim Yunker (vox), and Emily Gould (drums) is a complete match set.

Chris Watt describes it best: ”

A stripped-down “piano version”, it lends itself to Chris and Tim’s vocal intricacies that have refined over many years of working together. The track also features a beautiful string composition that helps bring a tremendously compelling dynamic range to an otherwise unplugged version. The track can be thought of as a prayer of desperation… a sort of cry-out in a moment of utter desperation. The band hopes that the lyrical message deeply resonates with their current fanbase and that the song as a whole brings in an entirely new audience.”
A work of art musically delivered again. Be sure to catch their contest too:
Fire Follows is giving away 3 handwritten/signed lyric sheets as part of the upcoming “Father O’ Father” release! To enter the contest, simply share the song on your Instagram page/story after it releases, and tag us @fire_follows in the post. Simple as that! Drawing will happen 2 weeks after the release on 7/16/21.

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