Testarossa Delivers Their Own Breed and Creed of Rock n Roll

Roger Stahlberg: If you would describe your style of music?
Colten Bell – Straight up rock-n-roll. Not trying to be innovative, just trying to have a good time. 
Buddy Radford – 100% CockRock!
Jordan West – Opposite of elevator music.
Blake Webb – Music to have a good time too.
RS: Is this the genre that fits all the band members?
CB – We all grew up on rock music. Our style isn’t contrived, it just happens this way. 
BW – Yes.  The music is an extension of ourselves.
RS: Who are some of your influences musically?
Buddy Radford- Def Leppard, Asking Alexandria, Limp Bizkit 
CB – Aerosmith, Black Oak Arkansas, Taylor Dayne, and most of the 80’s rock. 
JW – Van Halen, Yngwie, Jason Becker, Steve Vai, Bach, a variety of 70s and 80s bands. 
BW –  KISS, Grand Funk Railroad, Ghost have all had a great influence on me.
RS: Would you call your branding a ‘classic’ rock style?
CB – No, just rock-n-roll. 
Jordan West – According to the internet, Creed is now “dad rock”. So, I don’t even know what to call us anymore lol
RS: The current release “Son of a Bitch” has an element of AC/DC to it, any opinions from the band there?
CB – I’ve been compared, and I quote directly from a critic, “Singer looks like a fat Axl Rose singing like Jack Black in an AC/DC band.” So there’s that. 
BW – A great band to be compared to.
RS: Whose idea was it to create the rockumentary?
CB – It was mine I believe. I wanted people to know what it was like playing in Testarossa. 
RS: How much of it was scripted?
Buddy Radford- 0% scripted 
RS: Who all participated in the short film?
RS: What is coming next for Testarossa? Can we expect more performing dates in the near future?
CB – More music, more shows, more nonsense. We can’t stop, we are too far in debt. 
Jordan West – More guitar solos and key changes whether the rest of the band wants it or not. 
BW – YES! 
RS: Finally, will there be a turkey on the Thanksgiving table this year or?
Buddy Radford- we can’t afford to eat!!
BW – We’re gonna have a fantastic ham and a delectable turkey.  In our dreams.
Catch Testarossa’s new single:
Testarossa Rockumentary

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