Swim the Current Brings Their Message with “Factum Sciam (Knowing Your Destiny)”

New Jersey and New York – Swim The Current release “Fatum Sciam (Knowing Your Destiny)”– A project by guitarist Greg Antine that is an infusion to be experienced. Combining the professional talents of bassist – George Pond (Disciples Of Verity); drummer – Chris Moore (Ultraphonix); guitarist – Joe Gareri (Joe Gareri Project); and guest vocalist – Jai Diablo (DragPipe) and Dan Caputo (Negative Sky) blends a supersonic work you can sink your teeth into and crank it up loud!


“The unexpected is the journey we cannot plan for even the best prepared never know the true path you are on. Seize the day…. carpe diem!”- Bassist George Pond
Swim the Current is an ongoing project led by guitarist Greg Antine, who works closely with bassist/producer George Pond. Together, they solidly have formed a base for this project.  This force was rounded out by bringing on guitarist/keyboardist Joe Gareri and Chris Moore on drums. Special guest vocals on “Fatum Sciam” come from Jai Diablo and Dan Caputo. A metal crunch with punkish overtones vocally beat this one up to the ‘nth level. We are looking forward to continuing to follow this project development known as Swim the Current.
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