Review: Fire Follows Single/Video “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”

“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” is an anthemic, hard-rock ballad style song from Fire Follows. The utilization of heavy scream elements, in addition to the piano/string/orchestral components, make this a truly unique and compelling track for the rising nu-metal band. The lyrical message centers around the torment and angst one can face after suffering tremendous loss. The opening lines…

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Fire Follows New Single “Glass Grenades”

DENVER, CO. — FIRE FOLLOWS brings their brand of melodic hard-rock mixed with nu-metal into their latest single/video “Glass Grenade”. Fire Follows hits all corners with their sound, as each band member brings their precise nuances to create a smashingly aligned fit – a defined blend that portrays the rocking course with the driving melodies worked into the fresh nu-metal.…

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Fire Follows “Glass Grenade” Single Review

“Coming strong out of the gate straight away this Colorado band, Fire Follows, blasts the cutting-edge by forming multiple talents and abilities into the creative songwriting they do. A breath of melodic work, with screams, rap, harmony, hard rock, and nu-metal succinctly rocking together to crunch a blend that sounds modern. The bands’ influences lend themselves to multiple worlds. Listen…

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