Saint Tragedy Releases Their EP On 1/26/18! Check Out Our Review Of The Album Here!

From Kenosha, WI, Saint Tragedy is set to release their EP on Pavement Entertainment titled Prolonging The Agony on January 26, 2018.  The band consists of Wayne Wiginton (vocals), Matt Brudniewicz (guitar), Eric Serbedzija (bass), and Jason Scuffham (drums).  Formed in 2008, the band has had time to formulate their modern rock sound.

The EP contains six tracks that fits in with today’s rock in being honest and solid in its delivery. One favorite track is No More Religion, which tackles a touchy subject for its different viewpoints and opinions.  But not to worry, this isn’t something that should throw you off course, as its meaning is open to interpretation.

Another favorite track is Would I lie with its heavy riffing and rhythmic drumming, it’s sure to get your head banging. I especially enjoyed part of the chorus lyric “Would I Lie to you, After all these things that we’ve been through”, reminding me of friendship and the loyalty that we have for people.

All the tracks were thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to a full length album from these gents in the future!

Review By Rene Botello


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