Review of Vendetta Red’s Latest Release – “Quinceañera”

Quinceañera beats away seemingly grasping a the grunge period the 90’s but implementing the treasures of emo based rock. This album one could say is a development of a mesh mash that those who embrace that period of time of angst and Seattle coffee would enjoy. It has its moment of ‘feels’ but would have been best to have released this in two EPs and probably would have gotten more listening mileage out of it.
On Cleopatra Records  Erik Chapman, Joseph Childres, Justin Cronk, Zach Davidson, and Mike Vermillion formed Vendetta Red and it has the feels still of a garage band that could have developed itself into a minor My Chemical Romance.



Satisfying some of those 90’s needs those who are hungry for them will find a full serving. There are 12 tracks on this album available through iTunes. 3 out of 5 Rocks.


Track Titles:
1. Swim
2. Wild and Dangerous
3. The Dreamers
4. Encantado
5. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Pinche Guey
6. West of Birmingham
7. Deceiver
8. The Unending War
9. No Way Out
10. Acquiesce
11. Til You Have Forgiven Me
12. The Circle
Vendetta Red 
Review of Quinceañera By: James Docken






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