Interview With Industrial Rock Goddess Josie Pace

If the name Josie Pace doesn’t quite ring a bell yet, you can be sure it will.  The energy of her live shows have proven that she is a force to be reckoned with.  Her debut album recently released on Negative Gain Productions bears a unique combination of rock, industrial and pop.  We’re very grateful that Josie took time out of rehearsing before hear grueling upcoming tour With Aesthetic Perfection to do this interview.

You’re getting ready to go out on the road opening up for Aesthetic Perfection. What does a typical pre-tour regiment include for you?

Well, with this being my first tour I am testing the waters and hoping that I have prepared myself enough for what’s to come. Being able to sing my set almost every night for two months takes a lot of vocal training and stamina. I start with vocal warmups and vocal stamina exercises at least 3 days a week, making sure that I am doing exercises that use the range of the songs I am going to be singing. Vocal warm ups into rehearsal, both with and without the shoes I will be wearing on stage. It really makes a difference training in the heels! I also have been hitting the gym for about 2 hours a day, 5 days a week focusing on cardio and core strength but not forgetting full body training.

Hydration is absolutely KEY to taking care of my vocal chords. Since the vocal folds are made up of .9% saline, I use a nebulizer with .9% saline every night to hydrate my voice so that it can heal and prepare for the next day. I also drink tons of water and a lot of lemon tea with honey, fresh ginger slices and two drops of Voice 37 vocal booster, which helps lubricate and soothe my vocal chords. Rest is extremely important as well, though it’s hard to get enough when preparing for such a monumental tour. I am definitely not taking this tour lightly and I am working hard to put on an amazing show in every single city on the route.

Do you have a difficult time maintaining a decent diet while on the road? What do you do to stay in shape and take care of your voice? And what do you do to decompress after a show and after the tour?

I am a sucker for sweets and for Taco Bell, but I am definitely good at knowing when I can splurge and when I need to eat a healthy meal. I take performing seriously and I know keeping a healthy diet helps me perform my best. Considering I will be performing almost every day for two months I don’t think I will have to train heavy at all. Performing takes a lot out of me. Doing some light cardio and core work before showtime really helps prepare the body and especially helps prepare my breathing. After shows, once all the fun and jokes and are done and I’m winding down from the high of performing. I enjoy the silence. I make sure to take my time removing makeup and washing my hair. Using all my facial serums and taking care of myself. Tea is always nice after a show too. I think after this tour I am going to spend some time with my family. Rest my body, rest my voice and rest my mind.

Have you ever had any situations where you’ve had to deal with overzealous or crazed fans? If so, how did you deal with them?

I haven’t had to deal with any yet! Knock on wood! I do have a few haters online but who doesn’t? People are so much more ballsy when they have a few hundred miles and a computer screen between them and the person they’re talking to or about. Negativity will always be around in this industry and they only way to combat it is knowing exactly who you are. No one knows you better than yourself, and I do have to remind myself of that quite often. It’s never easy hearing or seeing negative comments about myself but it’s a part of life. Not everyone is going to like me and that’s okay.

You just released a anew album a few months ago. Do you anticipate the setlist to include only songs from the record?

The original set list consisted of only songs from the album, but also including my cover of Placebo’s “Pure Morning” that I recorded with Sammi Doll. But as time went on I had written a few more unreleased songs and we decided to include one of them in the set! The song “Hello, Who Am I?” was added but isn’t set to be released until sometime in 2023.

What’s something on your hospitality rider that many fans might find surprising?

I think what is so surprising about my rider is that it’s too tame. I don't ask for anything crazy, though one day I think it would be fun to ask for something specific like the scene in spinal tap where the deli meat is to big for the mini bread. Usually just water, veggie and or fruit trays, a hot meal if possible, things like cheese and crackers, and sometimes I ask for a blue Monster Energy to hype myself up, but drinking that every day for a tour is just not practical so I still need to find a good energy booster!

What is one album from your collection that you absolutely could not live without?

Though I love listening to all of my favorite bands and albums, if I am being honest, I could live without them. Obviously there are albums that are so inspiring to me, but I enjoy taking what I’m feeling and instead of chasing an album to listen to based off of my feeling, I enjoy creating something of my own instead. Even if it never becomes anything of importance, or if it never leaves my room. Creating sound from emotion is insane to think about. Having a feeling inside your body, your mind, then somehow turning it into music with my hands and my voice. Even the simplicity of humming a melody or picking a guitar in the quiet. There’s nothing more amazing than that.

If you could put subliminal messages in your record, what would they say?

I’m torn between making the subliminal messages funny or actually making them meaningful. Half of the messages would consist of letting you know that “you aren’t alone”, “there are people that love you”, “whatever it is you’re going through you are stronger and you can persevere”. And the other half would be funny Easter eggs or crazy stupid things that have happened while recording the album, almost like a blooper reel.

Are there any companies that endorse you that you might like to mention? Are there any you’d like to get endorsements from?

We are endorsed by the wonderful 64 Audio. I use my custom sparkle in ears at every show and they are so amazing. I have quite small and finicky ears and using these at every show has really helped keep my ears healthy and happy. We are also endorsed by Sequential which we use a ton on new songs and the songs on the album. And Icon Pro Audio, you can see one of their microphones being used in my music video for my song “Future”.

If you could organize a tour with you as the opener and the other acts are three current acts you are inspired by, who would be on the bill?

I would definitely have Nine Inch Nails on the bill, we pull from Trent very often and playing a show with NIN would be so killer. With similar genres and writing style I think it would be a perfect match. I would also include Genesis. I know it might sound a bit odd, but we blast Genesis in the studio while working on new music more than any other band. I love pulling from inspiration outside of the confines of the genre that I am working in. It also strengthens the song by melding different ideas from outside influences. I think the last band would be Muse. I have listened to Muse for a long time and I have always been so inspired by their use of electronics and melodic vocals. Something I love to do as well. Though I love listening to screamo and aggressive vocal effects, it isn't the strongest part of my own voice. Strong melody lines and hooks that get stuck in your head are things I have worked at for a long time and I hear the same in a lot of Muse’s melody lines as well.

If you had to pick one song that you’ve written which sums up your life the best, what would it be?

I would have to say “Underestimated”. The lyrics literally go through step by step my thought process when faced with adversity. No one is perfect, including myself. I know when things aren’t going the way I had planned. I see that and I try my best to push and to fight through whatever it is that is blocking me from my goal. “I won’t let go, though it tears me apart, it keeps me going while my head is underestimated.”. The constant push and pull between trying not to burn myself out and pushing myself past my limits
and growing stronger than before.

We saw in an interview you did that you are a fan of crushing your own coffee beans. Some artists have their names associated with their own coffee or tea. If you had your own, what would it be like and what would you call it?.

I am definitely a coffee addict! I love coffee and I love making coffee. If I had my own roast, I would name it “Even if it Kill’s Me” and it would be a whole bean espresso roast, so I can grind them myself each morning. It would be extremely caffeinated but also smooth and bold and when brewed it would have the PERFECT crema when poured. I’d even create the perfect chocolate covered biscuit to go with it called the “Perfect Replacement” cookies. Perfect for dipping in the espresso and perfect for replacing it with just one more cookie.

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