Bunbury Music Festival – DRAM

D.R.A.M Review:
by Ethan Bielik

Shelley Marshuan Massenburg-Smith or better known as D.R.A.M (Does. Real. Ass. Music). D.R.A.M was born in Germany and was raised in Hampton, Virginia. Don’t get it mixed up though because he’s American, his mother was just in the military. He’s released huge hits such as “Broccoli” ft. Lil Yachty and “Cash Machine”. He also released an album called “Big Baby D.R.A.M” in October 2016.

D.R.A.M took the the Sawyer Point stage on the second day of Bunbury, arguably when it was the hottest time of day. Despite the heat his DJ came out and got the crowd pumped and ready for D.R.A.M. Once D.R.A.M took the stage the crowd was ecstatic! I myself was excited to see the Big Baby D.R.A.M live. Instantly when he came out and started playing his feel good rap the whole crowd was dancing, despite the heat. I would love to see him in a venue and not outside because I know it would be an amazing time.

Check out our photo gallery of DRAM below:
photo credit Ethan Bielik
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