Review Of Terror Universal’s Upcoming Album – “Make You Bleed” – Out 1/19/18

Now, before you say “not another masked band”, Terror Universal stand out by its hooking anthems and head crushing riffs in their upcoming album “Make You Bleed”.

Seriously, these guys kick ass. Yes, the band is masked, but this super group is made of high ranking metal musicians who are current or former members of Machine Head, Ill Nino, Soulfly and Upon A Burning body; this should give you some kind of insight of what caliber of music you are dealing with.

These sinister masked members consist of aliases: Plague (vocals), Massacre (drums), Thrax (guitars), and Diabolus (bass).  But, even if they didn’t use masks, their music stands above many others currently out.

There are so many stellar tracks on this album, nothing is just for filler.  The first single is a re-release Welcome to Hell, gives you a taste of what devastation this band can present. As for the rest of the songs, Spines’ chorus is beautiful and terrifying with its lyrics “Every part of you is perfect, Every piece so divine; Let me suffocate your weakness, And the life inside”!!! This has given me such an earworm since first listen.

Through the Mirrors lyrics of “There’s nothing you can say to make me hate you more, There’s nothing left to say, There’s nothing left to say” portrays such power and angst it’s hard to deny the emotion behind it . This album contains so many crowd yelling choruses and its delivery has so much anger.

I would easily say this may be a contender for top 10 album rankings of 2018. In all honesty, it is really hard to pick favorites since I have enjoyed this album so much.  It has gotten a permanent cycle on the playlists. So, if you are ready to be consumed by metal again, here is your chance!


Check out Terror Universals latest “Dig You A Hole” below


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  1. Passage of Pain
  2. Welcome to Hell
  3. Spines
  4. Make Them Bleed
  5. Through The Mirrors
  6. Dig You A Hole
  7. Dead On Arrival
  8. Into Darkness
  9. Your Time Has Come
  10. Piece By Piece


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Review by Rene Botello for Rock All Photography Music Magazine

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