LORDS OF ACID – Pretty In Kink!  is cuming… no pun intended! 5/18/2018 – Album Review

Lords Of Acid Pretty In Kink

Release Date: 5/18/2018

Metropolis Records

By: Lolana Deetwick

Pretty In Kink!  is cuming… no pun intended. There is something this band does that no other band in the techno/industrial world has ever been able to match. They are the beautiful side of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Their pulsating electronic sounds hit ever sexual tense point of the human body.

A full-length hardon has been created and will be released on May 18th to LOA fans. Electronic dance music has never tasted this good. What is even more thrilling is that this album seriously offers up something for everyone’s tastes. As pioneers in the world of electronic dance music Lords Of Acid’s longevity and survival of the contorted bits of drugs, sex, and rock n roll have continued to survive. How often can you take twenty years of deviant behaviors and raise a glass to the skies and still create some of the most complex electronic music found?

Now, despite numerous lineup changes, world tours, over 2.5 million album sales, and every possible point of crisis and conflict a band can face, Lords of Acid is returning to the unsuspecting again, this time with a new crew of deviants, dilettantes, and sonically transmitted diseases.” This really says it all.

Not to be missed by LOA fans a must for your techno/electronic toy machines. 4 out of 5 blow up dolls without hesitation.



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