FAROOQ’s upcoming album “HEAT” will drop on August 24th! Check out our review of this killer album!

Every once in a while there comes a band that’ll put out an album that will just blown your mind and get you pumped for the pit.  Farooq are that band. On Aug 24, 2018 they will be releasing their new album HEAT on Glacier Recordings.

At the start of pushing play, the entire album sparks the violent reaction of energy and emotion that I have sorely missed from music these days.  Being a fan of hardcore and metal music, Farooq effortlessly blends these two genres to perfection while also being unique in their sound, by adding elements of hip hop and guitar wizardry.  The album is simple, but yet it isn’t which is hard t explain.  The groove and balls to the wall attitude are genuine and forefront. Yet there are layers of complexity in terms of lyrics and musicianship.

Their latest single titled Stone Cold Steve Hawking is a perfect example of just how thought invoking they can be; tackling topics of religion using metaphorical scientific references. All the while you get pummeled by metallic riff driven guitars, down trodden bass and arm flinging drumming.

Their precious single happens to one of my favorite song off this release.  Owning It has the speed, anger, beat downs and chaos that makes me want to get in the pit and lose my mind, not giving a fuck how old I am.

This album easily makes my top ten in recent memory. I can’t thank Farooq enough for making an album that just blows my mind and makes me hopeful that the music I love is left in good and capable hands.

By Rene Botello

Check out Farooq’s latest single “Stone Cold Steve Hawking” below:



  1. Owning It
  2. Get 2 Work
  3. O.T.W. 2018
  4. Mall Metal
  5. The Story
  6. Clown Clocks
  7. One Nation Under
  8. E-Male
  9. It’s 2AM Somewhere
  10. Stone Cold Steve Hawking











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