Joyous Wolf and Royal Bliss shook things up in Louisville, KY! Show review and photos!

Louisville, KY hosted an amazing night of music by Royal Bliss, Joyous Wolf, and Messer.


The ground was shaking in Louisville, KY when Royal Bliss, Joyous Wolf, and Messer came to town to rock Trixie’s Tiger Room.

Messer was the first to take the stage, but unfortunately I missed their set. I spoke to a few members of the crowd who said Messer put on a great show!

Next up was Joyous Wolf who I’ve been wanting to catch live for over a year!  If you have never seen this band live you are really missing out. They might be young, but their musical talent and stage presence reaches way beyond their years. Fusing together influences ranging from heavy metal to Delta Blues, Joyous Wolf creates an expressive, high-energy fingerprint that separates themselves from their contemporaries in the realm of modern rock.

Hailing from southern California, Nick Reese (vocals), Blake Allard (guitar), Greg Braccio (bass), and Robert Sodaro (drums) have mastered the art of putting on an amazing live show. Reese is constantly moving – dancing, flipping, moonwalking, doing splits, jumping off the stage – and doesn’t slow down for a second the entire set. Allard is an incredible guitarist and is very animated when he plays making him fun to watch.  With Nick’s non-stop energy on stage and some bad ass music, Joyous Wolf had everyone’s attention from the very first song.

Joyous Wolf also recently caught the attention of Roadrunner Records and just released a cover of the rock classic “Mississippi Queen”. The band also released a new track called “Slow Hand”.  The cover of “Mississippi Queen” is so damn good and hearing it live was fantastic!  Joyous Wolf had everyone in the crowd shaking their bodies and bouncing around.  

Joyous Wolf is definitely an act you want to see live!  Not only are they amazing on stage but seeing the band interact with fans after their set was really cool.  The band truly appreciates their fans and takes the time after a long set to shake every hand and pose for anyone wanting a photo.

See photos of Joyous Wolf’s performance here




Next up was the headliner Royal Bliss who wasted no time at getting on stage and pumping out some great rock jams.  Following Joyous Wolf’s wild energy, Royal Bliss was a bit calmer on stage but performed their set flawlessly.  Royal Bliss has a sound that would be hard to funnel into one category.  The mix of rock, hard rock, and pop, all comes together to form a unique sound that everyone in the venue enjoyed.  Royal Bliss recently released a single called “Hard and Loud”, which you can check out below.


See photos of Royal Bliss performing here




Royal Bliss is on tour through November 2018, make sure you get out to see one of their shows!

11/1 – Hodi’s – Fort Collins, CO

11/2 – Herman’s Hideaway – Denver, CO

11/3 – Bourbon Cowboy – Emporia, KS

11/4 – Jakes – Lubbock, TX

11/6 – Club Red – Mesa, AZ

11/8 – Viper Room – West Hollywood, CA

11/9 – Counts Vamp’d – Las Vegas

11/12 – Holy Diver – Sacramento, CA

11/13 – Hawthorne Lounge- Portlands, OR

11/16 – 3rd Wheel – Lewiston, ID

11/17 – Diamonds – Jerome, ID

11/21 – The Depot – Salt Lake City, UT *

* No Messer or Joyous Wolf

RB Tour



Royal Bliss


Photo gallery of Royal Bliss performing in Louisville, KY (click any image to open photo gallery)


Photo gallery of Joyous Wolf performing in Louisville, KY

Joyous Wolf


Photo gallery of Joyous Wolf performing in Louisville, KY (click any image to open photo gallery)

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