Architects finds growth and pushes past barriers! Review of Architects new album “HOLY HELL”

Architects finds growth and pushes past barriers with its new release HOLY HELL, their eighth album. After tragically losing guitarist Tom Searle, the band stated “Ultimately, there were two choices,” drummer/brother Dan Searle says. “Feel sorry for yourself, and believe the world to be a horrible place and let it defeat you. Or let it inspire us to live the life that Tom would have wanted us to live. I was very worried about people taking away a despondent message from the album. I felt a level of responsibility to provide a light at the end of the tunnel for people who are going through terrible experiences.”


Taking this to heart, HOLY HELL is immense in its aural presence.  The sound they have been able to record is vast, angry and loud.  Architects have pushed forward and gained new insight from a devastating loss.


Musically, there is no mistake that Architects have skills for days, which they have been developing since 2004.  They have a proven track record of consistently making beautiful chaotic music that Kerrang! recently awarded the title of “Best British Live Band”


Their first single, Hereafter, makes no apologies and demands to be heard and felt. Singing of heartache, loss and unanswered questions; this is evident with the lyrics “I’ve been lost in a maze, and every route I take, leads right back to you”.

Their newest single, Modern Misery, (from my interpretation) reminds us that despite our modern advances and how much we think we have evolved, we are still trapped and may not be in a better position from where we started.  Architects have a craft for writing lyrics from personal experiences and enveloping the listener to take them on a journey of discovery.


After listening to HOLY HELL, I feel I have been given a time of reflection and space to ponder the mysterious workings of our world.  We have so much to learn and grow from, whether it be from personal experience or a great album such as what Architects presents to us.

By Rene Botello



1. Death Is Not Defeat

2. Hereafter

3. Mortal After All

4. Holy Hell

5. Damnation

6. Royal Beggars

7. Modern Misery

8. Dying To Heal

9. The Seventh Circle

10. Doomsday

11. A Wasted Hymn





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