A Mosh Pit Sound- Album Review As Within, So Without ‘Into Oblivion’

A Mosh Pit Sound- Album Review As Within, So Without ‘Into Oblivion’

by: O.M.

Coming out of New York, metalcore band As Within, So Without has given the world their newest work: Into Oblivion.


The album starts out excitedly with “Departure.” Lukas Vitullo’s drum work is something that is to easily cause a stir – dare say: a mosh pit – within a crowded venue.


As if the drums were not enough to get one feeling electrified, the work of Matt Tzovolos and Michael Fiorino on guitar is absolutely worth writing home about. The intro of the track “Alone” reflects these two musicians’ heart and soul; one could imagine the concentration of Tzovolos and Fiorino flowing together in such natural riffs – it is powerful, indeed. Throughout Into Oblivion, the vocals are incredibly structured. Mitchell Lustosa leads As Within, So Without with his rough vocals, creating a thrilling atmosphere that is sure to get you jumping in time. Tracks such as “Sleepy Hollow” and “Anchor” demonstrates Lustosa’s vocals at the highest with growls that shake down your spine along with a strength that only a true performer can give to the world.

Lustora’s vocals are also joined by bassist Matthew Lustosa’s vocals in a ‘cleaner’ form. “What’s Left of Me” is a song that shows off Matthew’s vocals in the most thrilling way; flowing along Mitchell’s deep screams that has your mind wander to how such a unity could be created.


Into Oblivion is a solidly formed album with a structure that is truly bounded in the tightest way. These five musicians have an incredibly bright future ahead of them with this release – may many more successes be found in their musical journey together as As Within, So Without.


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