Cayucas “Real Life” is a somber surf pop album for the Summer 2019

Cayucas “Real Life” is a somber surf pop album for the Summer 2019


By Alex Jones

Cayucas is a Santa Monica based indie pop band formed in 2011 (under a different name) by twin brothers Zach and Ben Yudin. “Real Life” marks the the third studio album and the first since 2015 for the twin duo.


The name of the band, Cayucas, is reflective of the album “Real Life” itself, it’s quiet and peaceful, yet somewhat sad. This is parallel of the quiet beach town of Cayucas, California.


Their latest album focuses a lot on the topic of love, more specifically an ex lover, and a dearly missed one at that. The opening track titled “Jessica WJ” was a great way for the duo to set the stage for the rest of the album. It’s reminiscent of good times spent with “Jessica WJ” as well as mistakes made when it comes to a prospective relationship. The vocals peacefully question decisions made about their relationship, while a soft guitar and a rhythmic clap make this song belong in a windows down car ride in the hot sun. This opening track sets the scene for what the rest of the album is about.

The album is full of these moments where the vocals and instrumentals battle in your ears and have you contemplating whether the songs are somber or gleeful.


Another example of Cayucas toying with our emotions is in the song “Girl.” It’s a indie pop anthem about dreaming of a girl you used to know. The synth piano and powerful drums keep you upbeat while the vocals aren’t always so positive.


I think this emotional struggle is what makes the album so great. Nearly the entire album is about heartache, or missing a girl they once loved, but the instrumentals are something out of a surf scene in a movie. Most of these songs I feel as though I close my eyes and I see myself on a beach in sunny California; the setting sun burns my skin as I reminisce of good times and look forward to more.


A perfect example of this reminiscing theme is the track “Winter of ’98.” The vocals off this track are some of the saddest on the album; talks of looking back at old video tapes bring a tear to your eye. One line that stuck out to me on this track sings “Forever never felt so far away, I sang a song and recorded it on video tape, if only I could have back yesterday.” The instrumentals make this a jam worth paying attention to while the vocals make you want to call up that one person you haven’t talked to in years and are dying to catch up with.

“Real Life” is a really strong addition to Cayucas discography, and is definitely worth the listen. Whether you’re entering a new chapter in your life, finally getting over that someone you once loved, or just looking for something to jam out to with the car windows down this summer, this album has a little bit of everything. Fans of indie, pop, or just an album to put you in the feels will really enjoy this album. If you’re a sucker for synth piano and smooth guitar rifts, you’ll also really enjoy “Real Life.” I’m looking forward to more California soft pop from this group in the future.


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