Set To Go: Interview with Metalcore Band As Within, So Without

Set To Go: Interview with Metalcore Band As Within, So Without

by: Lauren Dix

As Within, So Without was formed in Port Chester, New York in late 2016 as a metalcore act. The foursome quickly got to work on their debut EP “Our Self Destruction” which was released on August 5th, 2017. They quickly got to playing shows all around the east coast, with acts including Phinehas, Silent Planet, Slaughter to Prevail, and more. Right before picking up their 5th member, As Within, So Without released a music video for their single “Anchor” in March of 2018. Now in 2019 with their new album ‘Into Oblivion’ and new music video “Departure” they know there isn’t anything that is going to stop them.

Lauren Dix: Describe the sound of As Within, So Without.

Lukas Vitullo: The sound of As Within, So Without is what I would call a traditional metalcore sound with a modern twist. A lot of people have told us our riffs remind us of old school metalcore and we’ve also been told that we have that new metalcore kind of sound with our choruses and our breakdowns. I’ve also been we give off some pop punk vibes sometimes too. It’s definitely a mix.

LD: This past year found some major changes for the band didn’t it?

LV: It sure did. We used to be a four piece but switching to a five-piece with the addition of Matt Tzovolos on guitar was one of the smartest moves we’ve ever made. It enhanced our writing and made our live shows sound more full as well. We’ve also grown so much in and outside of the band.

LD: You all have outside interests and day jobs. How does a band go about finding the balance between all of it?

LV: This is a hard one, it’s definitely not easy but when we need to prioritize the band we do what needs to be done. Because eventually, we’re hoping to make this our career.

LD: Each day brings with her I am sure many new inspirations. Where is your go-to spot for finding those moments?

LV: Well it depends for me, music is my life and is my favorite thing about being alive because listening to and playing music makes me feel more alive than anything else. But I often find when I try to feel inspired if I’m writing music it usually doesn’t work out and sounds forced.

LD: Talk to us about this single, and album. Give us a track by track image. Review your own album.

Mitchell Lustosa: The songs lyrically are mostly inspired by real emotions and events I’ve experienced in my life. I have a hard time expressing my emotions through speech but I’ve been able to use poetry and music as an outlet for so long and it turned into this great band that I and my best friends have put together. Musically the song will match the lyrics. If it portrays a situation where I was experiencing anger you’ll hear that aggressiveness in the tone of the music.

LD: How did your artwork become apart of the music?

LV: The artwork basically adds a visual to the overall emotion the record creates. I personally believe it is 100% accurate with the name and the songs. I’ve heard from people already that when they hear the music they immediately see the art and vice versa.

LD: Each band member: Do you have a particular track you are most fond of from this album?

LV: So, we all love every one of these songs to death, but our personal favorites are Alone, Sleepy Hollow, Hate Me, and What You Said. Not so much because they’re better than other songs more so because the lyrics hit home with all of us personally.


LD: Who all did you work with on developing the single “Departure” and the whole album ‘Into Oblivion’?

LV: So for the production of this album we worked with Randy Pasquarella in Wapingers Falls, New York. We all feel he hit the nail on the head this time around and we’re all really proud of the songs and the production.

LD: What are some of As Within, So Without’s short and long term goals?

LV: I would say some of our short term goals are to headline our hometown venue and sell it out and to also just get our streams climbing. As far as long term goes, I’d definitely say to develop a busier tour schedule and to eventually have label backing.

LD: Where can we find you playing next?

LV: Our next show, we’ll be playing with The Word Alive in Hartford, CT.

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