INTERVIEW – With a Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Sound “Roaring Truth” is Hoping to Lead the New Wave!

With a Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Sound Roaring Truth is Hoping to Lead the New Wave!

By: Lauren Dix



Lauren Dix: Describe the sound of Roaring Truth.

Marty Hill- We are melodic heavy metal/hard rock. We feel that every one of our songs will hook you with something you can hum and sing along to while allowing you to bang your head gratuitously as well, LOL


LD: This past year found some major changes for the band didn’t it?


Marty Hill- Yes, we were excited to land a worldwide distribution deal with DSN. We also welcomed in our bassist to the Roaring Truth fold this past year- Jordan Greer.


LD: You all have families and day jobs. How does a band go about finding the balance between all of it?


Marty Hill- We all love music- listening, creating, playing, and performing it. Yes, we all have full-time jobs, but when you love something deeply, you make time for it. Music is also very cathartic for me, as well as the other band members. It’s fun, and allows us to relax and unwind from professional commitments.


LD: Each day brings with her I am sure many new inspirations. Where is your go-to spot for finding those moments?


Marty Hill- To me, it’s life in general. If you allow your eyes and mind to truly take in everything that is around you, it’s a mind-boggling experience. I guess that’s one of the things that makes me a creative artist, I just can’t take the world around me on a “ho-hum” basis, because life, love, triumph, failure, death are happening all around us, all the time.


LD: Talk to us about this single, and album. Give us a track by track image. Review your own album.


Marty HIll: “Homesick” is a song about an existential crisis, and ultimately, resolution. I feel that the melody, along with the galloping rhythm, invite you into this journey that all of us must eventually go on- seeking the answer to, “Why am I here?” The opening track on the EP is “Black Box”. It’s a hard rocker that one producer described as “Chug-Rock”. I don’t really know what that means, but I like the sound of it!


We have a couple of very good acoustic rockers, very much in old 70’s AOR rock sound called “Flying Above it All” and “I Remembered Today”.  “Rebel?” is a heavy, melodic song that kicks like a donkey, and is our second single. The EP closes with “Do As I Say”, which one DJ described as a cross between Anthrax and Iron Maiden. It’s obviously the hardest song on the EP.


LD: Is there some elements of your own faith in your work?


Marty Hill- Without a doubt! My music is my soul in audible form, and the Holy Spirit lives and breathes within me. Our lyrics radiate with positive energy, our Christianity informs that.


LD: Each band member: Do you have a particular track you are most fond of from this album?


Jordan Greer- “Rebel?” because of the bass solo.


Dillon Moses- “Flying Above it All” because of the last verse- not only the lyrics but all the trippy stuff we have going on, instrumentally, in the background.


James Michael McLester- “I Remembered Today” because anyone with a testimony can relate to it. I also love the melodies and the interaction between the guitar parts. It’s the most uplifting song on the album to me. It also reminds me of old-school Motley Crue.


Marty Hill- I can’t choose…It’s like asking which one of your children do you like best, LOL!

LD: Who all did you work with on developing the single “Homesick” and the whole album ‘Roaring Truth’?  


Marty Hill- We self-produced it and recorded it in two different studios in the Dallas area.


LD: What are some of Roaring Truth’s short and long term goals?


Marty Hill- We are currently booking gigs to support our EP and in pre-production on about 3 new songs. Long term, I hope Roaring Truth is helping lead the pack in what is being called, “The New Wave of Classic Heavy Metal”!


LD: Where can we find you playing next?  


Marty Hill-We will be playing in the Arkansas and Texas areas for the next month or two. Check out our social media pages to keep up to date.


James Jones- Vocals 
Marty Hill- Guitar 
Dillon Moses- Guitar 
Jordan Greer- Bass 
James Michael McLester- Drums


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