Sex, Drugs and Emma Garell

Sex, Drugs and Emma Garell

with Rachel Collins

There is a power that blasts itself loud and clear when a female rock n roll star takes control. From the onset, Emma Garell commands that you get it and feel it. “Destination Anaheim” is the lollipop you want to lick over and over again. Plug it in, and turn it up loud!

Rachel Collins: Emma this song… it puts you all right out there. How comfortable were you showing the world sex, drugs and rock n roll?

Emma Garell:  I was completely comfortable about it and didn’t even think twice. 


RC: Who did you work with in putting together “Destination Anaheim” lyrically, etc.?

EG: Lyrics and melody was all by myself, then I got with Andrew Rohlk for the guitar and CJ Alicea (my drummer) and  Rich Stine (my producer) came in to help with the final arrangement. 


RC: Where was the video filmed for “Destination Anaheim”?.

EG: My Dad’s barn


RC: Do you think this style of music is your place in rock? Are you into exploring other styles still?

EG: In subgenres of rock yes, but not other genres. I would say that my new music is in a different subgenre of rock…so you may be surprised when you hear it. 


RC: You’re in a place of exploration. Who have been some of your favorite artists that have influenced you?

EG: Currently diving deep into Dolly Parton and lots of old country.  This is what I am grabbing inspiration from recently, even if it doesn’t sound like it. 


RC: Have you been able to meet any of those musicians you are a fan of?

EG: No, not yet. 


RC: Getting to know who you are a bit better is something fans always love finding out. You have some tattoo work, how does it represent who you are?

EG:  They are a part of me, like they were always here. I feel like they should have been there my whole life and that I didn’t feel like myself until I got them.


RC: Is there a tattoo artist that you like to use in particular?

EG:  No, I am not loyal to any one artist.


RC: Tattoo’s, music go together. When did you get your first tat and how many more would you like to get?

EG:  My first tattoo when I was 17 and I got the Nirvana lyrics about eating cancer put on the inside of my arm in remembrance of my grandfather who had just died from cancer. That same visit I also got OZZY tattooed in my ear.  I am currently content with my tattoos. 


RC: Finally Emma giving you the stage- what metal song would you love to perform live?

EG: A song I haven’t performed yet, like Black Sabbath’s Sabbra Cadabra would be cool. 

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