Interview with Jimi Ivins of Slave Revolt

Self-discovery occurs so often when a group of musicians comes together allowing almost a metamorphic journey. The passions that come to fruition of discovering there is more to the words and notes being written and played, it was this dawning the evidently brought more than expected together for the band Slave Revolt and given us their debut single “Organic Robot”.

AJ: The band name… any deeper meaning we should be looking for here?

Jimi Ivins- the band name was Greg’s idea when we set out to do this project we were originally going to do record an EP and just kind of release it but it ended up turning into more than that as we went through the writing process. I am not too sure if he had gotten the idea from somewhere or if it had some sort of substance for him but I personally like to view the name as a metaphor. A lot of us feel trapped to some degree in our lives and for me, music is how I escape.

AJ: What genre label would you give your music or would you?

Jimi Ivins- I am not too stressed about genre labeling, I like it more when the music does the talking for me. I would say we are definitely a heavy band but we also have a lot of other influences that come out in our writing.

AJ: Your thoughts on skateboarding?

Jimi Ivins- I loved skating when I was a kid, I was never very good at it but it was always a fun time.

AJ: Talk about this current project and the unique twist you have brought to it.

Jimi Ivins- This project has given me so much, I am very proud of what we have accomplished and hope to continue to push myself musically and vocally with these fine fellas. As far as a unique twist? I am 100% weirdo that comes with a degree of spontaneity and clumsy finesse. Kind of like reverse Jenga. When the pieces fall, they fall into place.

AJ:  “Organic Robot” such a heavy sound. Was that where this song was leading from the beginning?

Jimi Ivins- yea, actually this was one of those turning point songs for me personally. We had this monster driving song and at the time I had no idea how to tackle it but once we all got together, it just kind of clicked. Jim Acevedo definitely helped shape out the verses, and I had a blast working with him!

AJ: Inspiration- where does it come from for you?

Jimi Ivins- Everywhere, I am very fortunate in my life where I get to create art for a living whether its tattooing or music-related, so with that thought in mind I always try to be thankful for all the things I have and pay it forward! Life is too short to be miserable and stagnant! 

AJ: What’s on the agenda and goals for 2020?

Jimi Ivins- We are definitely looking forward to getting out there and killing some live shows and we also are very much looking forward to writing more songs and recording another album!  I know we all have some demos together already! 

AJ: Best, in your estimation, guitar player ever?

Jimi Ivins- my favorite guitarists and largest inspirations would be Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Tony Iommi, and Jason Becker.  I am not sure I could state who was best, everyone brings something special!

AJ: What other jobs do the band members hold down?

Jimi Ivins – I’m a tattoo artist, Greg works in the custodial arts, Tuck works in retail lighting, Kris works for the township as a garbage man and also does video and various artwork on the side and Mikey does carpentry.

AJ: Do you own an ‘air guitar’?

Jimi Ivins-No way bruh, the air guitar like, owns me…

AJ: Tattoos?Yes or No? Favorite?

Jimi Ivins- Only if they are face tats. You gotta roll hard to hang with me bruh.  I once watched a guy get his belly button removed and that sort of thing just changes a man.

AJ: The greatest album cover ever designed by a band would be?

Jimi Ivins: Honestly anything Rob (white)Zombie, I love how bold and illustrative his album art is and also psychedelic, it like makes me want to hit the kurger bing bruh.

AJ: If mass hysteria was an ice cream flavor what would it taste like?

Jimi Ivins- I would imagine it to taste a lot like that popeyes chicken sandwich. Cheap, cold and pumped full of so many hormones that you develop gynecomastia and cry yourself to sleep at night.

AJ: Where can we find your music and more about your band?

Jimi Ivins- You can keep up to date with us on at slaverevoltrock.com and our various social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and find our music on most major streaming platforms such as Spotify and apple music! 

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