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A New Way to Live Forever is an alt-rock band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with a sound the band describes as “empathy bordering on self-detriment mixed with hyper-sensitive reflexes.” ANWTLF have been around since 2008 and have released three EPs: Avalanche (2008), Rumoura (20012), and Monument (2016). The band members took a moment to answer some questions for RAPM to give our readers more insight into what makes the band tick.


What was each band member’s very first gig? How has your stage presence changed since then?

Russ: A battle of the bands at a roller skating rink in Coral Springs, FL when I was 14.

Daniel: A high school talent show performing a few cover songs until someone lit off a pack of firecrackers. I was very shy and pretty much stood still the entire time. I’m a more comfortable on stage now, so I tend to bounce around a bit when I’m in the zone.

Chris: My first gig was in junior high as well. My high school held a Battle of the Bands and we placed 2nd. Not bad considering it was just me and a piano player. As far as stage presence, I still make goofy faces.

Stephen: My first gig was a junior high school dance. I remember the place going nuts for us. My stage presence has always been to adhere to my bandmates and not make it about me onstage, while still being a strong entity..

Motley: My first gig was when I was 13, two weeks after I got my first bass. It was a disaster. I play much better now.


What’s the first thing you notice about a band when you see them perform?

Russ: I try to identify the songwriter.

Daniel: I tend to notice the big picture: the music, the lights, the musicians playing their parts on stage and how it all ties in together to make their show. Sometimes lyrics are the last thing I’ll notice, aside from the hooks in the song.


What are the contents of each band member’s pockets as you’re responding to this interview?

Russ: Coming up empty at the moment.

Daniel: Guitar pics, a fiver, and a small cube of pyrite.

Chris: These are my PJs, no pockets.

Stephen: I have a gas receipt and a cell phone.

Motley: Let’s just say…no pockets, lol.


What’s the longest the band has gone without having a practice?

Russ: Sometimes months when we are working in the studio, but I guess at that time we’re creating what we’ll soon be practicing.


Would you rather be the best musician in a terrible band or the worst musician in a phenomenal band?

Russ: The worst musician in a phenomenal band, cause then you’d have a chance to be inspired and grow on a daily basis.


How does ANWTLF support the local music scene in Ft. Lauderdale?

Daniel: We try to check out other band’s shows, but many times our friends end up performing the same nights we do, so that can be a challenge. Spreading the word of new music is important, as well. We recently heard some great sounds coming from a rehearsal room next to us. We became friends with the band, which was brand new, and invited them to perform with us. I’d like to do more of that.


What would you like to see change in the music industry? Why?

Russ: I’d like to see less cookie-cutter, and more interest in fostering the career of artists.



What is each band member’s most annoying habit for the other band members?

Motley: Russ’ crazy shoes. Daniel is too nice. Guazzy (Chris) is in the clouds all the time. Stephen snores like a truck. Me, nothing, I’m amazing… “Baby Thor!”

Stephen: We all have too many annoying habits to name ! Lol …especially me!

Daniel: No one really annoys me, lol Motley.


Do you regret not doing something differently in your music careers?

Russ: No regrets, it’s all a journey.

Daniel: Agree. And without that journey, we wouldn’t be where we are now. And I like where we are!


In which medium do you prefer to listen to music: vinyl, cassette, CD, or MP3? Are you more interested in sound quality or convenience?

Russ: I’m generally listening to our new demos, so that would be more along the MP3/AAC category. I just want to get the intent of any tune I’m listening to, so I’m not necessary an audio purist at this point. But time will tell.

Daniel: For me, it really depends on where I’m listening. In the car, CDs or MP3/AAC are easiest, as they are at home, I guess. But when I really want to ingest some music, vinyl makes me feel a little closer to the band’s intent. Or maybe it’s just the nostalgic hype of vinyl that makes me feel that way.


How does the band balance each member’s personal music goals with the goals of the band?

Russ: I think that we are all pretty much in line with the same vision/goal: to make music that we ourselves would like to listen to. Being able to perform it is all the better.

Motley: Everybody is on the same page…Russ is a great director.


If you could choose any era in which to be a musician, which era would you choose?

Daniel: I think right now is a great time to be a musician, especially in rock. To me, it doesn’t seem like there’s any certain musical movement right now, such as The British Invasion, grunge, or new wave. To me that means we have opportunity to create or be part of a something new when it happens.


Do you prefer to play in smaller, more intimate venues or larger, less personal ones? Why?

Daniel: I love more intimate venues, where the audience is really part of the show. An active and responsive crowd can really make it something to remember!


Anything else you would like people to know about ANWTLF? Thank you!

We are coming for you!

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